Our fireplace has been bugging me since the day we moved in... just sitting there, looking cheap and chinzy.  Everytime I looked at it I thought to myself, who thought this looked good??  First of all, the vents on the firebox are brass, who in the 2000's puts brass in their house?  Also, the mantel was small and a cheap light yellow-oaky color, yuck-o. 

Fireplaces are supposed to be beautiful focal points... I love having a fireplace, I love having a mantel to decorate and re-decorate with the seasons, I love snuggling up in front of it with my family and a big bowl of popcorn.  But every time I sat in front of our new fireplace I was distracted by its ugliness.  Something had to be done... pronto.

Now in my dreams I would have loved to rip the whole thing out and build a big beautiful surround with a big chucky mantel and molding that goes all the way up the ceiling, but this blog is called Chic on a Shoestring for a reason. :)  

Time for a Chic on a Shoestring Decorating style makeover: 

First, the yellow oak had to go so hubby and I lightly sanded the mantel and slapped on a coat of white paint.  This was "free" as we had some leftover white trim paint and brushes.

The white paint really made a difference, it made the mantel "pop" from the wall and even made the mantel look a bit more substantial.  But those brass grates.... grrrrr, they are so 1992!! 

Then we spotted this at the hardware store...

High heat matte black spray paint... Brilliant!!  And only about 5 bucks!  We did some googling research and found out that it was ok for fireplace vent grates.  Ya-Hoo!!!  Those ugly brass grates pop right off and my hubby was kind enough to take them in the garage and spay paint them for me.  Easy Peasy!!!

The finished product!

While it's not the huge fancy mantel of my dreams I am so happy with the results!  

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