I have had a love hate relationship with my new dark hardwood floors.  I absolutely love the looks of them but they show EVERYTHING.  Every little spot, smear, crumb, drip, drool... you get the picture.  I have 2 very adorable very messy eaters that eat 3 meals and 2 snacks a day in my kitchen which makes for a icky-sticky messy floor!  Nothing drives me crazy like a messy kitchen floor, if the floor is a mess the whole room looks bad no matter how sparkling clean everything else is.

I had hardwood floors at our previous home and tried many different cleaning products and never really felt like the floor was clean unless I got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed it.  The color of our old floor was much more forgiving (thankfully!) so I didn't have to do this dreaded scrub job all too often.  Once we got these new floors and I saw how they showed my mess I knew I was in big trouble.  I was going to be down on the floor scrubbing those things at least once a day... NOOOooooo!

Until I found my new love, (sshhh, don't tell my husband), I'm in love with my new Shark steam mop! HA! But seriously, I really love it.  And no, I'm not getting paid to tell you this.

The Shark Steam Mop satinizes your floor using "super heated" steam, NO CHEMICALS.  Love that since my kiddos play on the floor constantly (and I think they eat off it sometimes too when I'm not looking- yuck! ...but at least they're not eating dirty food with chemicals).  It dries very quickly and leaves the floors very clean.

Besides being chemical free, I also love the fact that the mop uses tap water.  This is sweet news for all you thrifty gals(and guys?) like me.  It also comes with two washable microfiber pads.  No spending big bucks on expensive refills of cleaning products/rags, etc.  And no more hands and knee floor scrubbing.

Now the mop itself isn't too cheap, it runs about $99 but can usually be found on sale at Kohls, Target or somewhere for about $79.  I lucked out and hubby got me mine at a pre-Christmas sale for $52 at Farm & Fleet of all places!  I have never seen it that cheap before or since then.

I'm on a shoestring budget so you won't usually see me dropping big bucks on "luxury" cleaning items (is there such a thing?) if there is something cheaper that works as well.  But because it sanitizes without using chemicals, uses tap water, cleans well, and is easy on the back, this sucker is worth every penny! 

Here's a photo of my love...<3

After a messy clean up...


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