Well, this is kind of a strange topic for my little blog but it includes a super sweet deal so I guess I can make it fit...

I was at K-Mart the other day... you know, I still snicker when I admit I sometimes shop at K-Mart.  If you're a child of the 80's maybe you remember how super-duper uncool it was to shop at K-Mart, it was the worst of the worst as far as stores go in coolness.  Back in grade school/middle school if someone told you it looked like you got your clothes at K-Mart it was the biggest insult ever, like crawl under a rock and die embarassment if it was found out that your clothes really were from K-Mart.  Aahhhhh, memories. 

Anywho, now I actually kind of like K-Mart, mostly for their cheap and cute housewares.  The Martha Stewart Brand usually has some cute decent quality stuff.  While browsing the clearance aisle the other day I came across a set of heavy duty stainless steel pans by Martha Stewart.  They were 75 bucks, that was 50% off, a good deal but I couldn't pull the trigger and passed them up. 

I've been looking for a set of stainless steel pans but didn't want to pay that much because I didn't really need a set of pans.  You see, I have a set of crazy-expensive Calphalon non-stick pans that the hubs and I received for a wedding gift.  I didn't register for these insanely expensive pans but some of my parents friends pooled there money together to get them for us.  Looking back, I should have taken those suckers back and got the $$$, but we thought, jeez these pans will last the rest of our lives, we should be happy we got such great quality pans. 

And, we liked them, they cook evenly and nothing sticks to them.   Here's where the controversy comes in.  It is thought by some that these non-stick type pans can cause cancer, especially if they are peeling.  Also in the gas they produce if on high heat and empty.  Well, I don't have any peeling pans and I don't put them on high heat while empty.  But, my very young aunt got luekemia a few years back and her doctors actually told her to get rid of any non-stick pans.  WHAT?! 

Now, I'm pretty sure the pans didn't cause her cancer and I'm quite skeptical about the whole idea, in the little bit of research I've done the info about it is all over the place- but my husband pointed out that no "real" chef on the Food Network uses non-stick pans, and then I started paying attention... he was right!  (you hear that honey, you're right!)  Iron pans are the best according to the pros but they are just not practical for everything.  Which leads me to stainless steel....

I went back to K-Mart (snicker, snicker) and my Martha Stewart stainless steel panset was 50% off the clearance price, $37 for a 6 pan set- SCORE!!! 

I'm really impressed with the quality, the bottoms are heavy duty.

The best part is they are dishwasher safe (and cancer free wink, wink ;)

So, if you're in need of some pans, check your local K-Mart, you might get lucky. 

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