I got my Ballard Designs catalog in the mail today... WOOT WOOT!  Love Love Love getting Ballards in the mail, makes my day!!!  It's like a design inspiration magazine subscription for FREE, can't beat it! 

So while I love Ballards style and find it very inspirational I find their prices to be ree-donk-u-lous!  (that's my word for extra-ridiculous) 

Seriously, I can't find anything I like in that catalog for less than a hundred bucks!  There are some under $100 items that I like but they don't pass my TJ Maxx test, which is... if I can find the same or similiar item at TJ Maxx for less, then I ain't buyin' it from you-aka Ballards, Pottery Barn, etc!  (Yes, I just said ain't and I'm from way North of the Mason Dixon line... hahaha. :)  I know, ain't ain't a word, I only use it to show sassy-ness so please don't think I have some kind of terrible grammar problem.)

Anyway, guess what passes the TJ Maxx test in the Ballard's catalog??.... umm, nothing.  Dang it!! But I know this before it arrives in the mailbox, it is simply just inspirational.   This issue really surprised me because it just happened to have an almost perfect replica of something I already have, something(s) that were one of my best deals ever. 

Here is the inspirational super cute Ballard's counter height barstool for $129 plus tax and shipping.

Here is how I got one of my best deals ever!

I was walking through K-Mart this summer, snicker snicker, (see why I'm snickering about K-Mart here) and the loudspeaker comes on and they say, and I quote "Attention K-Mart shoppers, please head over to the furniture aisle to check out our great deal on clearance items including barstools, tables, blah blah blah".  We had just moved to a house with an island and I really needed barstools but hadn't been able to find any decent ones for less than about $125 a piece, too high! 

So I high-tail it back to the furniture area thinking maybe I could get some cheapo barstools until I found the nice ones I wanted at the right price.  Imagine my surprise when I found these!

I heart you Martha Stewart.

These K-Mart Martha Stewart barstools were almost exactly what I had been looking for and they were on clearance for $8, that's right, eight dollars!!  What?!  I thought for sure they were mis-marked so I asked the lady working in the aisle and she said the price was right, they were discontinued. And by the way, can I buy the display too, yes ma'am!  I got 3 barstools for $24!!  And I love love love them!  They are perfect in my french country kitchen (which someday I will show you when I get it finished)!

Twins! (kind of)

So, I got these perfectly Ballard-like barstools for about 95% off Ballard's price, YA-HOO!!  Since it was probably about 4 or 5 months ago I'm thinking these barstools are probably long gone so I'm sorry about that.  And, I'm sorry I can't give you a tutorial on how to make your own barstools out of stuff found in the dollar store but I'm just not that crafty (yet!). 

This kind of find is a good reminder that you can find stylish pieces without paying out the wazoo!  I think the original retail price was $35 a stool and I would have been willing to pay full price for these.  I could have gotten all 3 of them for less than the price of one of Ballards, even at full price.  I wanted to share with all you bloggy friends that appreciate sweet deals as much as me! 

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