My husband and I have two very different approaches to the fine art of hanging wall art.  His approach involves tape measures and levels, measuring and re-measuring, tapping the wall for studs and then some more measuring just to be sure. 

My approach to wall hanging is the old tried and true method of "eye-balling" it.  This method has served me well over the years.  After one of my little eyeballing jobs he'll come in and measure and it'll be right on.   He'll look at me slightly amazed like how do you do it? and I'll give him that look like, yeah, you know I'm that good. ;)

The only problem with eyeballing it is that once in a while I'll be just a little off... you know, just like a smidge.  Those "smidges" don't bug most people but me, I take out the nail, move it a smidge and hammer it in the perfect spot.  If it's just a smidge off I'll always look at it and be like... "oh that picture, it's just off a smidge, it's driving me nuts!!"

Whenever my hubs gives me that how did you do that? look I'm always secretly hoping he doesn't take the picture off the wall... if he did he would be surprised to see one (sometimes two!) extra not so pretty little nail holes in the wall just a smidge from the nail.  Sorry honey!  But hey,  I'm always close, only miss by a smidge... that should count for some kind of natural talent.

So anyway, I was feeling a little guilty about all my extra little nail holes and I came across an article in my hub's Family Handyman magazine (now before you make fun of me for reading Family Handyman, just let me tell ya they have some good little ideas in there sometimes!) 

This particular issue had an article about hanging picture collages on the wall.  I didn't really have a collage I needed to hang but I did have a hanging project that involved hanging 3 pictures in a straight line.  Each picture had not one, but two hooks on the back and the hooks of course were uneven. 

Shaky picture alert!

I was dreading this little project because I knew I would need to do it the hub's long way, with a tape measure and level and lots of little holes in the wall with no nails in them.  I was going to put this handyman article to the test.

First, they suggest cutting out large pieces of brown mail wrapping paper the same size as your pictures. Because I was too lazy to walk in the basement and get my brown paper, I just used the newspaper that was already in the kitchen, it worked just as well.


Then I made holes in the paper at the hooks for easy nail placement.

Then I found the center of the wall (yes, I cheated and used a measuring tape) and taped the first paper there.  I then hung the other two with tape.

Looks fabulous doesn't it?

After I made sure it looked straight and level I hammered the nails through my pre-poked holes. 

Then I hung the pictures on my little white nails and...


Ok, I have to admit, the first two went up like a charm but the last one was off by a smidge...dang it!  Somehow the last one was up  higher on one side but I think it was my sloppy nail hole poking along with the uneven hooks. 

So, this is six hole job and I only made 7 altogether... pretty good for an eyeballer like me. :)

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