Hi everyone!  Just a quick lil' bloggy to say Happy Valentine's Day! 

Thought I'd share a pic of my finished Valentine "LOVE" sign in action in my kitchen.  (Here is how my $1.50 Love plaque looked when I bought it.)   I also borrowed the idea of paper wrapped candles from Imperfectly Beautiful and absolutely love how it looks!!  Definitely going to do this again.

I love the fun paper!

Here's why I'm so excited about a new fun use for pretty scrapbook paper. I used to scrapbook, I used to attempt to scrapbook.  I have two really great totally unfinished albums and tons of really cutesy paper, stickers, embellishments, etc.  They are sitting in my basement in a nifty little scrapbook suitcase on rollers (that wasn't very cheap!).  I had the best intentions to create awesome scrapbooks for my kids and our wedding, honeymoon, etc... important stuff like that. 

I found out that scrapbooking makes a huge mess and I don't really have a place in my house to leave it out all the time and what a pain it is to pick up and put away every time.  I aslo found out that I am such a stinking scrapbooking perfectionist that it would take me like 4 hours to do one page, who has the time for that?!  I don't.  Why did it take me so long?  I don't have to be such a perfectionist on my silly scrapbooks, I just can't help it. 

I found digital scrapbooking (thankfully!) and really like it, I am 2 pages away of completing my first album but have put it on the back burner as I just have too much else to do.  So, I really have 3 unfinished scrapbooks... awesome.  Anyway, I'm so excited to be able to use some of the super-cute scrapbook paper I see in the stores but have been avoiding since I know it will just go in a cute little case in my basement.  Woo hoo! Thanks Imperfectly Beautiful for your Awesome idea!

Back to Valentine's day... last night we celebrated at home because Deuce (as in #2) the babe is sick so we stayed home with him and put him to bed early.  For a special Valentine's day dinner I splurged and got us each a whole Lobster!  They were pre-cooked which made it not so... icky... and they were on sale at Jewel for $8 each, I think the sale runs through the 16th so get on over and get one.  It was deelish and such a nice treat. 


Anyway, I hope you and yours have a super romantical (no, that is not a mis-spelling, I just said romantical, stole that word from my sis-in-law and love it) Valentine's Day!! :)


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