I have a secret to admit... I have never spray painted anything, never, ever!!!  Isn't that like against the bloggy world rules?  Hasn't everyone spray painted some piece of junk turning it into a fine hand-painted work of art?  Not me.  I have featured a spray painted fireplace here on my blog but I fully admitted in the post that my sweet hubs did the dirty work (spray painting). 

I've been reading all these great blog posts about spray painting your trash to treasure so I just had to try it for myself.  I thought I'd start with something that would go unnoticed if I did a bad job.  I decided to do this totally completely gross vent that is in my powder room.  I'm embarassed to even show it...  it was gross when when we moved in a few months ago.  We put in bamboo flooring when we moved in and I have had absolutely NO luck finding a wood vent this little size to fit in it's place.  Having one custom made is not part of my chic on a shoestring budget (crazy expensive!).  So, spray paint it is.

Ewwww... look how scratched and rusty it is, I have no idea what happened to it, all I know is it's GROSS!

I got this pretty bronze color that is actually too pretty for a floor vent but it will go well with the floor.

Before I sprayed this gross vent I should have sanded it a bit because of the scratches and rust but, I didn't.  I knew I should've, just didn't bother because it's on the bathroom floor in a dark corner where it won't be seen very much.  I sprayed it on a very windy day which wasn't the best environment for spray painting, I had to get the can too close which caused a little bit of running.  I also had to spray through the vents to get the insides of it which caused a little bit of gloppy-ness. Despite my inexperience, the scratchy rusty vent, and windy weather conditions it turned out ok.

Don't mind the fancy painters tape, I have another project going on to share...

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