So, I feel like I'm very behind on the times as I'm posting my first organizing post in March and it seems it was the thing to do back in January.  Oh well, at least I organized something. :)

When we moved in last summer I was really excited to be getting a lot more cabinet space.  Our new medicine cabinet is twice the size of our old one with much easier access.  We used to have it in one of those odd cabinets in the corner that has a skinny door that is a quarter of the size of the cabinet, then you have to crane your neck to see what the heck is back in that corner.  I thought surely we'd have much more room in this cabinet, it's about 3 times the size of the old one and it was wide open so it'd stay nice and tidy,  yeah... right.

I am SO completely embarassed to be showing you all this picture of our medicine cabinet.  I was so tempted to straighten it up a little bit as to not scare and disgust you but I wanted it to be real, no editing.  This is what it looked like at it's worst... those with faint hearts and weak stomachs look away!

Holy cow, we look like druggies! 

This is really what it looked like and I'm blaming it all on my dear hubby, (sorry babe!) :)  I tried to organize it when we moved in but he never quite got the set up (which wasn't very good anyway) so if he needed something he would just start rifling through it and it would end up looking like this.  Nice, huh. :)

I went to the Dollar Store and got me some fancy plastic baskets.  I then made sure they fit in my weird size cabinet... to my shock, they did!  I then prettied them up with dog tags and ribbon...

and Waa-Laaa!

I made 3 baskets like this and one smaller one to fit in the weird leftover space in the front.  The end result is lovely but the lighting of my picture is not, it was a cloudy day.

And, it's actually stayed like this for a month!!  Sweeeeeet!!  It works!  Even the insides of the baskets are staying neat, amazing!  I feared that hubs would revert to old bad habits but he puts everything back in the right basket, he loves organization. Guess I need to organize more often! :)

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