Ok, I'll just tell you right off the bat that if you're expecting a tutorial on cheaply re-doing your lamp using burlap and ribbon this is not the post for you.  This is just a Wal-Mart lamp makeover... no crafting involved, but it's still pretty cheap. 

This brushed nickel lamp came with us from the old house, I still like it and it still matches okay but the shade is just SO totally plain and white.  I don't have much white in this room so it just wasn't working for me.  

I know there are tons of tutorials on re-doing lamp shades with fabric, beads, etc. but knowing me, Mrs.Champagne-Taste-On-A-Beer-Budget, I would pick out the most expensive fabric (I have no fabric scraps around since I don't sew).  Then, I wouldn't cut the fabric straight so I'd be wasting my crazy expensive fabric.  Then if it happened that I did get the fabric cut straight I wouldn't be able to stretch it tightly around the shade... there'd be wrinkles and all kinds of unsightly problems.  Then, I would probably burn myself with the glue gun while crookedly attaching the ribbon and it would just be a big mess.  It would also take me like 3 hours because I'm  a perfectionist and wouldn't be able to get it perfect (plus, when do I have 3 hours??) and then it would look like a rookie job and I wouldn't want it in my house. 

Anyway, knowing how I am with these things I decided it would be much easier to just look for a new inexpensive lampshade.  I have been looking for the past several months but everything was too pricey.  I was super excited to find this new item at Wal-Mart of all places! 

It is a pretty shiny taupe color with black trim... love it!!

Over the past year Wal-Mart has started carrying Better Homes & Gardens housewares.  I've been very impressed with the BHG styles and prices. This good sized lamp shade was $13!   Normally the boring plain ones this size are at least $19, even at Wal-Mart.  What a super price and I'm SO happy with the results! 

For me to buy the fabric and ribbon would have been close to $13, maybe even more depending on the crazy expensive fabric I'd be sure to pick out, PLUS I definitely think my time (and sanity!) is worth $13... this was money well spent!

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