I love the forsythia bushes in our area, they have some of the most brilliant flowers of spring. 

We have some in our yard and unfortunately, they are still all sticks.  :(  It's a little too early for them to be blooming but not too early for me. 

First, let me just tell you that I've never been a big fan of faux floral arrangements.  In the past, when I thought of a fake flowers it brought up images of dusty, faded, fake-looking and generally very unattractive old arrangements sitting around some sweet old great-grandmother's house, not exactly the look I'm going for in my home.  However, these days faux flower stems can be very realistic and quite expensive... something I'd actually be proud to display in my home.  (in small quantities...)

Armed with some gift cards I hit Hobby Lobby for some 50% off floral stems.   I picked up 3 forsythia stems which I think are actually pretty darn realistic.  I decided to add some pussywillow stems (because my mom told me to and she is a great floral arranger, me, not so much ;), they are much cheaper and also a spring bloomer for my spring-ish bouquet.

I planned on putting them in this great green vase I found at TJ's for $7, what a steal!  I love this vase, it is such a pretty color and I am so loving this green color right now (maybe I'm just longing for spring).  Anywho, this vase is perfect for forsythia because it's tall and has a fairly small opening. 

Did I mention that I'm not much of a flower arranger??   So, if you aren't either, these are the flowers to get!  You can basically just stick them all anywhere and they turn out looking fine.  I just put in the 3 forsythia evenly spaced around the edge and then put most of the pussywillow in the middle.  What an awesome tutorial, right?! (I'm being sarcastic..) :)
So after my professional flower arranging I put it on my island to be this beautiful kitchen centerpiece only to find that it the stems hit my pendant lights... wow, that looks goofy... so, that's not happenin'.  I then decided maybe my kitchen table, but it's very jinormous for the kitchen table and hits the chandelier...Dang it!  I really want this thing in my kitchen because I love to look at it, it matches well and that's where I spend most of my time.

Don't mind the price tags on the stems, very fancy, huh?! ( I did cut them off) ;)

Hmmmm, what to do with the jinormous lovely arrangement....


I took the lamp off my Easter vignette table and put up my new arrangement, it works!

Happy Spring everyone!! :)  Please follow me or give me some comment love if you're ready for spring!

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