This year I completely ignored my Irish heritage and skipped from Valentine's Day right to Easter with my decor.  Sorry St. Patrick, my new Easter/Spring stuff was just too cute to avoid putting out until after your big day.  However, I will be wearing green on Wednesday and eating corned beef and cabbage and promise to do better next year.

Anywhoo, I tend not to go all out for Easter as it can become a little cartoonish with too many bunnies and chics but this year I found some really cute stuff to add to my Easter decor that will be able to stay out all spring.

Here is my favorite design...
Oh my gosh, I LOVE this!

I also love that I concocted this for super cheap.  I already had the dome and the pedastel (and the little candle holder pedastel that the bird's nest is on).  I found this egg "wreath" at TJ's and it was kind of bent and crooked looking...  I asked if they'd mark it down due to the condition and they did, I got it for 5 bucks!  I got the bird's nest for $1 and my mom split a bag of these cute little green eggs because she has the same decorating addiction hobby that I do  ;) so they were free for me.  And, I got the green swirley place mat for $1.50.  So this only cost me $7.50, did I mention that I love it?? :)

I went back to Jeffery Alans realizing that I needed more of those awesome eggs that my mom shared with me and found some creme speckled ones to mix with my green ones.  A bag of about 10 was 2.99, I threw them in my little apocothary jar and stuck them on a candle holder pedastel.

Got the EASTER blocks for less than a dollar each as they were on clearance already, I couldn't have made them for that cheap!!

I shared the little bird cage that I bought earlier this year for 50% off the clearance price for $4 measley bucks.

I decided to stick my little bunny in my wreath...

Perfect fit! :)

My bunny with the fluffy white tail...

And here's a pic of my nice little Easter vignette (in my humble opinion) for super-duper cheap.

Happy Spring!

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