I have always really hated disliked the color orange.  I think it goes back to my junior high days when we had to start wearing ugly PE uniforms which consisted of our beautiful school colors, orange and black...yuck.  Our uniforms consisted of an orange t-shirt and black shorts... pair that with huge bangs and a bad perm, what do you get = U.G.L.Y.

However, my sis-in-law recently turned me on to burnt orange.  I'm helping her do some decorating and after we talked about her wanting to use the dreaded color and me trying to talk her out of it, I decided to give orange another shot.  I didn't have to live with it after all, just had to make sure it coordinated with her room.  When I started shopping for her I kept seeing it all over, and you know what... I found myself starting to like it!  I like it so much I've decided to use it as my accent color in my living room.  No way you say?  WAY.
This is the pillow that did me in... I found this pillow at my fav store TJ's and fell in love. 

Isn't it fantastic?? It makes orange look so pretty... I seriously am in love with it. 

The best part is I found the the same exact pillow at Z Galleries for $59, I paid less than a third of that! I live for finds like these!! :)
Pic courtesy of Z Galleries

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