Hello friends!  How are you on this beautiful spring morning?  Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!

I am bucking the system and not talking St. Patrick's Day.  You can see my St. Patty's decor here.

I have already moved on to Easter decorating but am having some major decorator's block.  My kitchen looks like an explosion of forsythia branches, faux eggs and a random bunny here and there.  They are not playing together nicely.  Coming together more like a clown show which is so not the look I'm going for.  

Until I get this mess figured out, I though I could share one of my more successful spring looks  from 2 years ago when my blog was just a baby.  Most of you probably haven't seen it since I had about 16 followers at the time.

So here goes... may have to do this again this year if I can't bust out of this decorating slump...

On a recent trip to Home Goods (which is a big deal because the nearest one is like 2 hours away!) I found these great huge candle holders that were super duper cheap !.  When I bought them I was worried that they might be too big but I am loving them! 

I got these little green birds at TJ's for $2 each and didn't even have to spray paint them. :)  I saw the same birds at Michaels for $5.99!  That's why I heart TJMaxx. :)

I thought they'd look great on my new gianormous candle holders for spring but they were just missing something....

I decided they needed nests, but not the stick kind, pretty, flowery nests.  I took some garland that I got for 50% off at Michaels and made them flowery nests.

To do this all I did was cut the 5 foot garland in half and then curled it up to the appropriate nest size.  I held it with some twist ties.  Easy stuff. 

My twist tie is gold, I'm fancy, huh?!

It's just what the little birds needed.  I really like how they turned out... :)

Don't the birds look so much happier now in their flower nests.  I think they like them! :)


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