Flaunt it Friday #9! Flaunt it Friday #9!

Welcome to Flaunt it Friday #9!  Sorry that it's up a little later than usual.... I didn't forget about my bloggy friends, no way!  ...

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8:43 AM

Organizing a Junk Cabinet Organizing a Junk Cabinet

I'm so excited that I have enough cabinets in my kitchen to have a "junk" cabinet.  In my old kitchen I only had enough cabine...

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11:28 AM

Flaunt it Friday #8 Flaunt it Friday #8

TGIF!  Thanks everyone for helping my party grow!  I am loving checking out all your cool ideas!!  I am sorry if you linked my party and I d...

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9:00 PM

Accent Pillow Obsession Accent Pillow Obsession

Recently I've become slightly obsessed with textured decorative pillows. I'm the kind of decorater that likes a sofa full of pillows...

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3:10 PM

Flaunt it Friday #7 Flaunt it Friday #7

Hi friends!  Tomorrow I will be doing a real post, Promise! So here's Flaunt it Friday #7.... show me what you got!! :)

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8:01 PM

I'm baaaaack! I'm baaaaack!

Geesh it's been too long!  So that you know this big "vacation" from blogging isn't going to be a regular thing for me.  I...

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9:45 PM

Fluant It Friday #6! Fluant It Friday #6!

Hi bloggy friends.  Sorry I have been MIA.  I will be back next week to a more regular schedule... please stick with me and join my party!

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8:19 PM