I have a confession to make... I am a horrible American...  I did not decorate for the Fourth of July.  Not. One. Thing. 

My husband did more decorating than me for the first time ever.  He at least made sure our flag was proudly hanging on the outside of our house.  The inside on the other hand still had up my spring birds and such... oops. 

I blame it all on my garage sale... I was spending all my free time last month preparing for my garage sale.  Thankfully, the sale was a success even if my decor had to go on the backburner.

I redecorate a wine rack/buffet table in my kitchen often, usually for holidays (sorry Independance Day!) and seasons.  While working on my garage sale I was thinking about how I so badly needed to change out my spring decorations and what to do next since I was skipping the 4th.  I wanted to include this super cute mocha wreath that I won from my bloggy friend Abbe over at All Dolled Up.  Isn't this the cutest?

I just love it!  Please go check out her great new store with all kinds of handmade goodies like the mocha wreath, burpies and play mats for babies, book slings, and all kinds of unique hand-made stuff...  FREE SHIPPING for the month of July and they are giving 50% of their proceeds to a wounded soldier they know.  Check it out!! :)

My kitchen has sort of a black and off-white color theme with bits of damask and toile.  I add hints of green here and there and had a whole bunch of it out for spring... especially in my spring vignette.

I decided to go back to  my black and off-white roots when I found these plates at TJ Maxx and fell in love.  I LOVE damask, but that'll be a whole other post. 

Isn't it great!?

Anywho,  I also found this cute little cloche with a tray for 80% off at Hob Lob... I was SO super excited to find this!   I had been looking around for a totally 80's cheese dome at thrift shops to makeover as I've seen so many of you talented bloggy friends do but I could never find one... this one was cheaper than a makeover from goodwill and it's new!  I can scratch that off my to-do list... whew, that was an easy one! :)

I also found this interesting picture of antique spoons. It's an odd shaped canvas wrapped in burlap with this worn looking print on the front.  I thought it was so unique and it only cost me $3 bucks 80% off!

I added some scrapbook covered candles on my black candle holders... 

I topped it off with my pretty mocha wreath from All Dolled Up and my vignette is complete!

Sorry for all the glares on the glass from the window, yikes!

Please go visit my friend's great store!


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