I just took down my forsythia wreath last week....shhhh, don't tell! Forsythia is a spring flower and spring is long gone!  What a decorative faux paus! 

Oh well, no one else probably noticed except my mom and any other decorating addicts like us. 

I only left the forsythia up so long because I can't stand having a naked front door, it really, really bugs me. 

The forsythia had to stay there until I could find something to replace it.  My "regular" summer wreath would not do because it did not match our new house.  I decided the new summer wreath should be mostly pink because we planted pink flowers in our pots so I needed to match, of course. 

I had no luck finding anything pre-made... nothing matched or they just looked cheap or chinzy.  The few that I found that were nice were crazy expensive so I had to improvise. 

I found this super cheapo wreath at Wal-Mart.  The flowers aren't even attached to a "real" wreath, it's just a thin plastic ring around the back.  I thought it was a good base for $7 bucks and that I could spruce it up a bit with some pink...

I got this flimsy looking swag at Wal-Mart also for $3 bucks to use for parts (fyi... I already pulled the big pink roses that you'll see on my finished product off it)

I picked up this little stem at Michael's for .99 cents as I needed more hot pink.

I then pillaged the swag and hot pink flower stem stealing all their flowers.  I took off some of the cream flowers that came on the wreath and replaced them with the pink...

An easy switcheroo...

The cheapo Wal-Mart wreath is a good base... just find a swag in the colors or flowers you want and do the switcheroo.  You'll then have a custom wreath for about $11.

I was pleased with the finished product especially considering all the cheapo products that I used...  It looks pretty good.  I've even had several compliments on it! :)

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