My sweet hubby bought me flowers a few weeks ago.  Instead of more conventional cut flowers, he got me a beautiful orchid that will last for years to come (unless I unfortunately kill it, I'm one of those "black thumb" people, you know, the antithesis of a green thumb but I'm working on it!). 

Knowing me so well and what a total cheapo frugalista I am he chose an orchid for me so it will last instead of having to be trashed after about a week like cut flowers. 

I don't know about you, but when those cut flowers die I always feel a little guilty like... well, those were beautiful for a week and I enjoyed them very much but now I'm throwing them (and the $30 or $40 bucks paid for them) right in the trash!   Not that I don't like a bouquet of roses every now and then (hear that honey?!? ;)... it's just so disappointing when they die and you have to throw them away. 

Since my orchid was SO purdy I wanted to display it somewhere where I would see it all the time.  I pretty much live in the kitchen so  I decided that's where it needed to be. :) 

It came in a really cute little white pot... like teeny tiny, surprised the weight of the flowers wasn't making it fall over size pot.  I wanted to put it on my kitchen island but the cute little pot wasn't substantial enough. 

Then I remembered my new fabulous green bowl from HomeGoods!!!!  (I get really excited about HomeGoods because I don't live very close to one, when I go it's like me going to Disneyworld... the happiest place on Earth! ;) 

The bowl was big and green (my kitchen accent color) and the best part, super cheap!  I put my orchid in the center and then threw in some natural decorative balls (also cheap) from IKEA to fill all the extra space. 

Check out the cute detail of the green bowl...

It ended up making a wonderful island centerpiece!


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