Yes, that's right, we are getting our 4th new mattress in less than a year. 

I know you're thinking we must be really picky about mattresses and made of money because mattresses are not cheap.  Oh how I wish it were that simple... 

The mattress saga started last summer when we moved.  We had never had a decent mattress... when we were married we got a hand-me down, not very comfortable but the price was right, FREE! 

We then got a cheap new mattress that ended up being awful after about two years, we slept on it for 2 more years and then decided that when we moved we would buy ourselves a decent mattress set.

We went to a reputable furniture/mattress store and did that weird laying on a mattress in the middle of a store "mattress test" that doesn't really test anything.  Just tests how long you can lay on a mattress stiffly and feeling awkward while the salesperson stares at you.  It's so weird...

Anywho, we bought a very popular namebrand mattress set that had bells and whistles we'd never heard of like a latex and memory foam pillowtop that was supposed to be the best of both worlds.  It came with a box spring and a 10 year warranty (thank the good Lord for that warranty).

I was super excited and when it arrived I was not disappointed.  I thought it was very plush and comfy.  My hubby on the other hand thought it was too soft.  At first I thought it was because he was so used to sleeping on hard crummy mattresses and that he would adjust to the new one. 

No such luck.

Immediately his side started to sag.  Before you let your imaginations run wild with what my dear hubby looks like I should also add that he is just an average size guy, a size that should not cause a mattress to sag within a week.  But it did.  My side started sagging after about 2 months.  After 3 months had passed our mattress sagged enough (1.5 inches) that the warranty allowed for a replacement mattress. 

This happened again.... and again.... and again all within 12 months.  3 mattresses down and #4 is being delivered next week. 

With our 4th mattress the store has been extremely apologetic and offered to replace the boxsprings (the warranty only changes out the mattress) and give our bed an extra support bar for free.  They also allowed us to choose a different style mattress. Thank you! 

They have been great about replacing these saggy loser mattresses quickly and have taken the last 2 before they were all the way to the point of warranty replacement (1.25 instead of 1.5 inches) because of all the trouble we were having.  We have been very pleased with their handling and are so thankful we bought from a family-owned business and not a big box store. 

For mattress #4 we decided to step it up and get a king size... it only ended up costing $100 more which we had to pay (boooo) and a we got a different style mattress, no pillow top.  We are hoping and praying this will be the mattress... comfortable and roomy, something that will solve all my husbands back pain caused by all the junky sagging mattresses over this past year. 

I am SO excited to get a king but SO sad that my Queen sleigh bed will no longer work.  I also really loved my bedding that will all be too small now. Sniff, Sniff... 

Now I need to sell my queen bed so I can use the cash to get a king.  Anyone need a gently used queen sleigh bed???  It's for sale... Anyone?  Anyone?? :)

I went online looking for a decent priced king sleigh bed and decided to check out CSN Stores because they have everything

I'm supposed to just be looking for a new bed but I was totally checking out bedroom suites and more.  They have all kinds of bedroom furniture, I even checked out a bedroom vanity.  I had one as a kid and thought it was the coolest thing ever! 

But really, I just need a bed.  I'm considering making a tufted headboard but I've heard that can be expensive after all the materials... plus I already have a gazillion projects on my to-do list.  We shall see... 

Have any of you ever had extremely bad luck with a high ticket item?  Did the store or warranty take care of you?


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