Oh fall, I just love you even though you're so unreliable and short...  good thing you're not a man or you'd be in real trouble. hehehe ;)

When I say unreliable I'm talking about this past week, on the first day of fall it was 95 degrees... yes, 95 scorching degrees and no, I do not live in the south but pretty close to Lake Michigan! 

Fall days are supposed to be cool, crisp, open the windows and air out the house kind of weather.  Unfortunately, it seems like there are only a few perfect fall days a year, we go from running the air conditioning to running the heater seemingly overnight... that's what I mean by short.

But, I still love it.  I mean loooooove it.  I love those perfect fall days, the beautiful colors of the trees, the trips to the pumpkin patch, apple cider, pumpkin cake, cookies, bread, seeds, etc., and most of all, the decor!

I've been hauling out my pumpkins since September 1st.  This is a little early for me because the heat just doesn't make me feel very fallish.  But, I decided since fall is so short (and unreliable, remember?!) I'm going to enjoy my pumpkins from Septemeber through November! 

Because it seems to be the "in" thing to do (and it doesn't cost any money) I decided to reinvent some of the fall stuff I already have.  Today I'll share my "new" fall centerpiece. 

I got a giant cloche on clearance at Hob Lob this summer.  I've been dying to use it but haven't had the right space for it.  I busted out my huge-mongous cake stand that I got after Christmas one year at Wal-Mart for $3 and  (then realized I will never ever make a cake that big).  I then did the happy dance because the giant cloche actually fits on the huge-monguous Wal-Mart platter! 

Now, what to put under the cloche, obviously a pumpkin, but which one?!?  I love my squatty white pumpkin but it's so short (like fall).  It would be lost under the giant cloche.  What to set it on... I remembered a candleholder base I had, it worked perfect!

Then just topped it off with my old fall wreath.  And my lovely centerpiece is finished!

Are you reinventing your old fall decor this year?  What are you coming up with??

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