Well friends, the fifth time is apparently the charm when it comes to new bedding.  Last time I talked about my struggles adventures in the search for  bedding for our new king bed I had the fifth one on order (read about it here).  It arrived and I was a bit skeptical when I pulled it out of the package.  Of course it was a wrinkled mess from being packaged but it had a satin look that I wasn't expecting.  From the pictures I could tell it had a little sheen to it but not full on satin shine. 

I have no idea why but I'd always associated satin bedding with cover pictures on trashy romance novels... I don't even read them so I have no clue where this weird association came from.

Anywho, with very low expectations I put it on my bed.  I made it up and stepped back... to my surprise I thought it looked lovely.  I got a few new throw pillows because I couldn't resist them (you can read about my pillow obsession here) to pull it together and now it's complete!

It's hard to tell from the above pictures how fabulous these white damask pillows are, especially if you heart damask like I do. ;)  They are down filled, heavy and expensive.  I love the way their weight will hold my other pillows in place.  I got them at Tuesday Mornings and I had store credit so only had to pay a few bucks...awesome!!!

Since diamonds are a girls best friend I like a little bling on my bed... no, they are not diamonds, but you know what I mean, right??

I've learned the hard way that these sequins will snag the heck out of my pretty comforter, have to be really careful.  But, they are so worth it!

One more bling in blue....

What do you friends think??  Do you like my new satiny look?  Please tell me it doesn't look like the cover of a trashy romance novel because I love it! :)


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