This is my first fall as a blogging addict blogger and holy cow have I been inspired by all the awesomeness that is fall/Halloween decor in blogland. My blogger peeps are SO super creative so give yourselves a pat on the back from me! :)

Before blogging, I pretty much skipped out on the Halloween decor. Can you believe that?! Especially with as much as I love to decorate! I only had 2 Halloween guys that I put out with my fall leaves and pumpkins, that's it! What was I thinking?!

In part it was pure laziness purely to save time.  I have lots of fall pumpkin/leafy stuff that works from September through Thanksgiving so that's just what I did.  Now, after looking at all the great Halloween stuff for the past several weeks I have been inspired to create.  However, my inspirational feelings did not bring about lots of inspirational money to blow on Halloween.

So, I did what any good and thrifty blogger would do... I hit the dollar store. 

Many of you have seen "the birds" that are all the rage in Halloween decor this year. 

Check out these Black Birds from the Dollar Store...  I was so impressed that they had 2 different birds in 2 different positions!

Check out Dollar Store black bird's cousin, Mr. Fancy-Pants black bird I photographed at Pottery Barn...

Mr. Fancy-Pants black bird cost $29.50!  Yes, almost $30 for a fake black bird!  

Yes, he's a little bigger than my dollar store birds and yes, he is "flying" as opposed to just sitting there like his cousin but... $29.50?!  C'mon Pottery Barn, he's not worth $28.50 more than his cousin. 

I know I'm coming down a little hard on Pottery Barn but I really do love them.  They have just dreamy fall and Halloween decor this season (along with everything else).  They are one of my greatest inspirational stores.  They can just be a little (or a lot!) pricey.   So, no offense dear Pottery Barn.

Back to my mantel... I picked up 5 black birds and a bag of fake spider webbing for a total of $6.

Before being attacked by "the birds" the mantel looked like this...

I then "got my spook on" and came up with this....

Super easy and inexpensive! 

I loved that I didn't have to "re-do" my mantel, just left it in the everyday decor and worked with it.  I didn't even dust it because I felt that the dust adds another element of spooky-ness...  (wink wink)

I really like how it turned out (especially for only $6 buck-a-roos!)  What do you guys think?

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