Hello friends!  I'm joining 320 Sycamore at their fun "Favorite Things" party.  I wish I would've thought of this.  It's a great way to find out about cool stuff and cool people. 

Unlike Oprah's list, most things are usually affordable or free. 

So here goes my not so extravagant favorite things list... hope you enjoy.

#1:  My boys (including my husband).  Cost = FREE (kind of...)
My favorite people in the world, make me laugh everyday, biggest blessings in my life, nobody else I'd rather be with, hands down.

Ok, on to more trivial things...

#2:  Seattle's Best Cocoa Trio.  about $3.50
Trio because there are 3 types of chocolate... the white chocolate shavings and chocolate syrup on top melt down into the hot chocolate making it just delicious.  The best hot chocolate from a chain... beats the pants off Starbuck's hot chocolate.  A definite splurge at 400 calories but ask for skim or 2% milk and knock about half the calories off. 
pic courtesy of Seattle's Best
3.  Green apples in a bowl.  Apples =$4, Bowl = just find one in your kitchen (free!)
My centerpiece of choice during the summer but can be used anytime.  A cheap, classic style centerpiece that always looks good. 

picture via Flickriver
4.  Damask. $ varies :)
 If you've read my blog you know that I heart damask.  In moderation of course.  A beautiful pattern that dresses up anything but still can be casual... does that make sense??

pic courtesy of jenniferskog.com

This is my damask kitchen rug.  Love it...

5.  Open Cardigan Sweaters.  $20 (Target) and up
A staple item for your wardrobe this winter.  Great for days you feel  frumpy... put one of these on and cover muffin top, big butt, mommy-tummy, saddlebags, flabby arms, etc., most any one's problem areas and look stylish,   Brilliant! 

Pic courtesy of GAP
 6.  Cute Suede Boots.  $20 (fake suede) and up
Comfortable flat soles, warm, stylish, don't make me look like big foot (even though my feet aren't really big, some flat boots make me have clown feet...ugh). 

7.  "Holly Jolly Christmas"  sung by Burl Ives.  $1 at i-tunes

Just try not to sing along...

8.  Apothecary Jars.  $9.99 (TJ Maxx) and up

I got all of mine at TJ Maxx for way cheap.  I hope these never go out of style.  They are so versatile and lovely...

9.  Neutrogena Ageless Intensives Deep Wrinkle Moisture Night Cream.  Under $20 at Target or Wal-Mart. 

When I first saw this I thought it was for "mature" skin so I almost didn't buy it.  I, thankfully, do not have "deep" wrinkles at this point in my life but I do have big pores and and some, dare I say it, small crow's feet, boo.

Anyway, I have tried other kinda expensive stuff from the department stores and this beats them all.  After using for just a few weeks I noticed a reduction in my pore size (hooray!) and a much nicer complexion in general.  I had a small bump near my nose that I thought was pimple, I could not get rid of it, had it for months so finally concluded it was a new colorless mole (yikes!).  After using this product for a few weeks it went away, completely!  I'm sold!

Ageless Intensives® Deep Wrinkle Moisture Night
10.  Fall 
Cost: Free
The most beautiful time of the year in my neck of the woods.
Took this photo of my boys on a warm fall day a few weeks back and it it one of my all time favorites.
11.  Christmas
Not "the holidays", Christmas.  It's the most wonderful time of the year for reasons too numerous to list.

It's amazing when I sit down and think about it how many wonderful things I'm surrounded by...  I could go on and on, I could make a list of family and friends and places, etc.  I am truly blessed!
What are your favorite things??
I'm linking up to 320 Sycamore Favorite Things Party.
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