Hello friends!  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Now that it's time to get into the full swing of Christmas decor and take lots of pretty pictures for you all, one of my little guys broke my point and shoot camera. :(

I had a wonderful post all ready for you with beautiful and unique Christmas decor pictures from a locally owned home and garden shop.  I used my old point and shoot without testing it first.  Umm, bad idea.  The pictures turned out like this... 

No, I'm not holding up a screen in front of the camera.  : (  Awesome...

Most of the time for the blog I use my Rebel but I need a point and shoot to fit in my purse and whip out whenever I find something lovely to photograph for my bloggy friends (or my kiddos are looking extra cute of course!)

So, bloggy buddies,  I need some recommendations for a point and shoot.  I need a camera with a quick turnaround time so I can get pictures of fast moving little ones.  I love Canon products and I want to spend under $200.  I got the Nikon S4000 but it's going back because it is so S L O W between pictures. 

Any advice for me??  Thanks in advance. :)  


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