My dining room buffet decor had been bugging me... 

Yes, it probably looked fine but it just wasn't me.  The vase collection bugged me kind of off to the side and I felt like they were a little too modern for me. I bought them at clearance prices and they matched and filled the space but in the back of my mind I was always looking for something else. 

I finally had the creative ah-ha moment after taking down my Christmas decor, I didn't want the cheap vase collection back up there, ever.

Cloches and Apothecary jars!


Since I really heart cloches and apothecary jars I decided I needed to display them all the time, not just with holiday type items. I finally came across my iron cake stand (I lost it for like 3 months!  In my own house!!  How's that for being organized?!  I had stuck it in a bin of kids clothes that I was carrying up from the storage room in the basement, then I took out the clothes I needed and left the cake stand, who looks for a cake stand in a bin labeled "boys clothes"? Yes, I am crazy).

Anywho, hooray for my iron cake stand because it's the only one that fits my biggest cloche!   I have lots of random grassy balls and decorative balls lying around so I started filling.  I had some small fake pears for my apothecary (notice the painting behind the buffet... pears!  My... I'm a creative one, aren't I?! ;) 

I decided to leave the almost too modern plate because it needed something else and it matches really well.  I am so much happier with the new look, (although the burnt orange lampshades still sort of bug me, it needs the color).  I used everything that I already had around the house (no $ spent = bonus points!) and I'm so much happier with it. 

What do you guys think??  Do you like the before or after?  Be honest, I won't be offended if you like the before better (wanna buy some vases?) 

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