Hi there!  Tonight before we party I'd like to introduce you to my friend and newest sponsor, Angela of La-dee-da Designs (isn't that the cutest name ever?! I love it!!)

Click the picture above to visit La-dee-da Designs!

Angela makes cute and customizable wall art and canvases.  Her art work is extremely reasonably priced for handcrafted and hand-painted pieces of art.

These hearts are the cutest and under $25!! (stay tuned to see mine in my Valentine's Day decor...)

She makes pieces for any occasion...


Please go check out La-dee-da Designs website or Etsy Shop... you will love it!  And order one of those cutie patootie Valentine hearts... you know you want to! ;)

One more thing before we party... come back Saturday for a Reedmor Jewelry Giveaway!!

Now it's time to party! 

My little rules...

  • Post about anything, decor, crafts, recipes, I'm not picky! :)
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