I have been trying to post pictures of my Valentine's decorations in the past couple of days but I've just been too distracted.  First, I got sick.  Strep throat... yuck.  The rest of my family got sick too.  Amazingly, I am the only one with strep, everyone else has sinus or ear infections and we are now all on antibiotics... fun times. 

While we were busy getting sick  the weather man was telling us that a big blizzard was coming... 24 inches of snow, 3-4 inches an hour and 50mph wind gusts.  Yeah, yeah, yeah... I'll believe it when I see it.

Well, it's here and it's bad.  No school today, no school tomorrow, hub's work closed early today and is closed tomorrow (it never closes!). 

I'm having trouble photographing how bad it really is because I am not going out there. 

Here is a shot of what you see when you try to look out the window... you can't see out the windows because the screens are totally covered.

Here's another one ...

I stuck my hand out the front door with the camera to try to take a picture of some of the snow drifts... this is what I got:

Look at all those crazy snowflakes!
It was bad even without the flash.

The wind is so bad we got a snow drift in our garage... inside our garage!  This happened with the garage door closed!  What the heck?!

Here is some video that really doesn't do this blizzard justice but you can see how crazy the wind is...

Don't be fooled by the little bit of snow on the patio table, it is much deeper but I think it's all blowing off the table. 

As long as the power stays on we should be just fine.  If not, it might get a little cold in here but I'm sure we'll make it. 

How many of you bloggy friends are stuck in this "blizzard of the century" as I heard it called on the news? 

It's a doozy, isn't it?!

Stay warm and be safe! :)


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