Hi friends!  Is it old news that Valspar Paint is giving away free paint samples for 100 days?  If you haven't heard, they are still doing it at 9:00 cst every day until that days limit is reached.  I finally got there before the limit last week and ordered my sample... Whoopee!  I'm so easily excited these days...does that mean I'm getting old?!

I decided to choose a green color for my office/mom cave.  Green can be very tricky... I mean really tricky.  I am looking for a green that is in the family of green apple green but not quite that dark.... make sense??  Definitely the kind of color that you should put a sample up on the wall before choosing (real paint sample, not the little color swatch card taped to the wall).

Anywho, I chose my green, "Afternoon Delight" (nice name, HA!), from the Lowe's website and waited excitedly for my package to arrive.  It came in a neat little box and I was so excited!  Like a little Christmas present in February... how fun!! 

I opened the box and found the paint swatch of "Afternoon Delight"... umm... it's a little... uhh... bright.

Dunn,dunnn,dunnnn..... FAIL :(  It's even worse looking in real life.

Aww mannn, I had such high hopes that I had picked the perfect color.  Not even close... it's borderline Kermit the Frog green with a hint of 80's neon green.  Not exactly the look I'm going for.  I'm sure my computer screen varied the color just enough to make it look perfect, but not exactly accurate.  It doesn't look too bad in my picture, but believe me, it's crazy bad.  But, never fear, I will be able to use this green on some craftiness sometime soon. 

Besides picking the wrong color (thank you very much to my computer screen color variations) this is a really sweet little deal.  You get your paint sample (fail), a cute little roller with a tray and 2 roller heads, a packet of complementary colors swatches and a coupon for $5 off your next Valspar gallon purchase.

What a nice little package!

The best part is it's completely FREE, you don't even have to pay shipping! 

So thank you Valspar, I'll be buying some green paint soon with my $5 off coupon, it just won't be "Afternoon Delight". 

Have any of you friends found the perfect apple green tone that's not too dark??  Would love to see it!   
PS:  This post was not endorsed by Valspar, just think this is a great promotion they are doing. :)

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