I am not a big fan of TV stands. 

Why?  Because the ones in my price range just aren't pretty. 

They look like TV stands. 

If I wanted to drop a grand on one I could find a pretty "media console" from Pottery Barn or Ballard's that did not look like a TV stand. 

Anderson Media Console
Image from Pottery Barn

But hey, this is Chic on a Shoestring Decorating,  not Big Money Decorating.  And,even if I had an extra grand burning a hole in my pocket, I wouldn't spend it on a TV stand... that's just how I roll.

Our last house had built-in shelves in our family room so I avoided the ugly TV stand problem, that made it so easy!  When we moved into our current home we had no built-ins so I had to face the TV stand dilemma. 

I did not want to put the TV over our fireplace... that's not the look I'm going for.  And, I just love to decorate the mantel too much to do that.

So, I had to face the dilemma on a very limited budget.   I had no idea what I was going to do...

We closed on our new house but hadn't moved in yet, we were there tearing out carpet, painting, etc.  

The door bell rang, I answered it. 

It was a a young man whom I didn't recognize and he said, and I quote,

"Hi, is your mom home?"

I said "I love you."

He gave me a puzzled look. 

I said, "Umm, I am the mom" 

He then looked kind of embarassed and began to explain that he had 2 semi's full of high quality furniture from a famous maker in North Carolina and would I like to see what they have. 

How could I turn this guy down now?

So, I went through the semis, stacked to the ceiling with sofas and recliners.  The prices were really good but I didn't need a sofa or recliner.

I then went to semi number two and there it was...  my pretty little black TV stand.  Although it wasn't a TV stand at all.


I LOVED it.... I mean really loved it. 

I thought for sure it would be too expensive but I had to ask the price because I couldn't walk away from it. 

The sales guy said $375.  Hmmmm.... it would obviously be way more than that on a show room floor. 

So I started talking, there were a few little scratches on it and I was able to haggle the guy down to $250!! 


This was such a steal!!  I love the details... look at this:

And these cute feet!

Here is a blurry shot of the whole thing...

This is one of my favorite pieces of furniture! 

The moral of this story is, don't settle for a yucky TV stand that looks like a TV stand, there are plenty of great deals at places like HomeGoods, Tuesday Mornings, Hobby Lobby and semi trucks driving through your neighborhood selling furniture.  A nice chest of drawers like mine or a console table can do the job of a TV stand much more eloquently.

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