What did you think my title meant?  This is a family friendly blog silly! 

Before you get really excited let me just tell you- No, I didn't get picked to be a guest on the final season of Oprah due to one of my very creative and witty blog project/posts. ;)  But, I got tickest! 

I was scrolling through my Flaunt it Friday party and found this fun post by The Single Nester about her trip to the Martha Stewart show.  She's been 3 times! lucky duck!  I found it to be very interesting having never been... it's always kind of neat to see what goes on behind the scenes. 

Then I realized that "duh, I went to Oprah, people might like to hear about it and think that is interesting too".  If not... sorry about this really long post about my experience at Oprah. 

I went to the O show taping just a few short months before I started blogging so I never posted about it.  Plus, the Oprah show allows absolutely positively NO CAMERAS inside their studio!  I think if you try to sneak one in they will turn you over to Chicago PD.  Not kidding. 

Anywho.  I will tell you about it even though I don't have any cool behind the scenes pics. 

Let me preface by saying that I am not a crazy Oprah super-fan.  I enjoy her show (sometimes more than others) but I don't idolize her or watch every episode.  I've always been interested in going to a show taping because it's just about the only real tv show filmed in the Midwest.  I can make a day trip out of it, plus sneak in some great food and shopping... it's kind of a cool Chicago experience if you can get tickets.

Ok, ok... and maybe, just a little bit because I wanted to be on her "Favorite Things" taping.  Doesn't everybody?! 

Oprah's Favorite Things
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