Hi friends,  this is the time of day when I crave something sweet!  I know many of you are going to be reading this at different times of the day but that's ok, I pretty much am always craving something sweet! :)
I need to save my calories so I can pig out this weekend on Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs stolen from my boy's Easter baskets (why are they so much better than the regular cups?? am I the only one that thinks this??)  So, I'm going to be indulging in some calorie free Easter eye candy while I eat a handful of pastel M&Ms.

My kitchen table centerpiece...  I threw this together last year and really loved it so decided to do it again this year. 

A new item this year is the egg wreath below.  I scored it last year after Easter for 90% off, paid a whopping $3.... LOVE it!

Birds on candleholders, it just makes sense.  Click here to see how I made their floral nests.

Click here to see  how I arrange faux forsythia and pussywillow branches, it's pretty much fool proof.

The other new addition to my spring decor (only 2 things this year!) is this lovely wooden tray on clearance at TJ Maxx for $3, yes $3, really. 

I love the tulips and daffodils from our yard... if they would only bloom all summer long.

The bunnies...

The kitchen Easter vignette...

The coffee table gets some Easter flair too...

And, finally...

Hope you enjoyed my zero calorie eye candy.  If not, go get yourself a Peep, I won't tell.


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