"Frienemy: a "toxic" person who poses as a friend but subconsciously or consciously wishes you harm."
~via Urban Dictionary.

Hello friends, have any of you met my old frienemy Perfection?  She seemed fine at first... pushing me to do my best and get it just right but in the end she always, always ends up holding me back. 

My BFF Perfection and I have a long history together. She showed up in junior high where she helped me pick out "cool" clothes (think Esprit sweatshirts and  tight-rolled Guess jeans (why did we do that?!)), apply my make-up (like matching eyeshadow to my outfit, ick) and curl my bangs (remember Rave Hairspray?).

 She stuck around and changed with me as my life changed.

She was there for my wedding, making sure everything was just so.  It turned out lovely but wasn't perfect even though she tried to make it that way.   

My babies are perfect but that is thanks to the only perfect person, God. 

At this stage in my life I know my BFF's standards are too high most of the time and I don't let her bother me with her critical eye.  Or so I thought....

She can still get to me. 

She always gets to me when it comes to decorating (not so much on cooking or housekeeping). 

She doesn't get to me on everything I decorate or this blog probably wouldn't exist, but just those few projects which my BFF, Perfection, is holding me back with her critical eye.

There are 7 rooms in my house that to the average person, appear to be complete.  But to my old frienemy Perfection, they just aren't quite right. 

Certainly not ready to share with hundreds (or maybe more!?) friends in the blogosphere... something is missing, something could be better, something didn't turn out quite like she wanted it too. 

I thought that I wasn't paying much attention to her, that my house and these 7 rooms (and other random projects) were just "in progress" and someday, when they were perfect, I would proudly share them with everyone.  

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks... she was still holding me back, big time

I have lived here almost 2 years.  The rooms I am not sharing are pretty much done (besides that average tinkering that decorating addicts like myself always do) what am I waiting for? 

My supposed BFF also stops me from completing projects that aren't going her way, sometimes before I even get started because I know she'll show up and ruin everything.

So, I've decided to kick my longtime frienemy Perfectionism to the curb and share my "unperfect" stuff and attempt some new projects even though they surely won't meet her standards. 

I'm not sharing this so people praise me for my "unperfect" decor or to make myself feel better, but in the hopes that I can help others kick their frienemy Perfection to the curb with me. 

When I post the pictures of my "unperfect" rooms and projects it will be all I can do to not point out every little thing she thinks is wrong.  But, I'll get over it. 
How many of you know my frienemy?  Have you been able to drop her as your bff? 

If not, now is the time!

Life is too short to be perfect...


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