Is it too late to start spring cleaning now that May is just days away? 

I don't think so... at least I hope not. 

After taking care of sick kiddos followed by a 10 day vacation followed by sick kiddos again, I am just now getting around to my spring cleaning, but hey, at least I'm doing it, right?

I started out with a small project that is a HAAUUUGGEEE mess... my jewelry drawer. 

I am so thankful to have a jewelry drawer as those little jewelry boxes just don't cut it for a jewelry lover like myself.

Unfortunately, my jewelry drawer had become a jewelry/junk drawer where random items get stuck when trying to do a quick clean up. 

Here is an embarassing before picture (my old frienenemy Perfection was not here for this picture ;)

As you can see, most of this drawer was not jewelry, it was junk... cake decorator tips, seriously?  My 6 year old stole them from the kitchen thinking they would be interesting bath toys, I took them back but they never made it back to the kitchen, ugh. 

I was fed up with this mess and I was so happy to find this cute little earring holder at TJ Maxx for under $10.  I had seen these around before but never thought they'd be big enough to hold all of my stuff.  I was pleasantly surprised.... I should've bought one of these pretty trays a looooong time ago.

To get started, take an embarassing picture of your messy jewery storage and post it on the web for all the world to see.  (ok, you can skip that part I guess). 

Step 2 (or 1 if you are too ashamed of your jewerly mess), take everything out of your drawer.  Then start 3 piles, sell, donate, keep.  I try to get rid of anything I haven't worn in a year and I stuck to it this year!

Get yourself a nice little tray like this (or something similiar)

After going through my jewelry drawer I was able to purge several items that I never wear anymore.  I filled an old shoebox with all kinds of earrings, bracelets and necklaces that I can sell in my garage sale. 

Chic on a Shoestring Decorating Tip:  Used jewelry sells great in garage sales (at least mine did).  Clean out your drawer and make $money$!

I found out last year at my garage sale that jewelry sells really well.  (When I say jewelry I'm refering to costume type stuff from the mall, not diamonds and gold... I would not recommend selling the real stuff in a garage sale. :)

Anywho, I am loving my new organized jewelry drawer!

After purging all the stuff I never wear I had plenty of room!  I was even able to put some bracelets in my earring holder. 

While I was at it I decided to clean my sterling silver jewelry.  I had previously just used one of those silver jewelry polishing cloths, they work ok but not on really tarnished stuff. 

I thought this old cuff bracelet was beyond help.

After one 10 second dip in Connoissuers Silver Jewelry Cleaner it came out like this...

It's like new, I couldn't believe it!

Am I the only one that just started my spring cleaning??  Come on, you can admit it if you haven't... make me feel better about starting so late. ;)

Happy Spring Cleaning! 


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