Happy Weekend!! 

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I have been admiring from afar many French inspired burlap-ish stenciled  pillows.  I've seen lots of stencil how-to's in blogland but never actually tried it.  Maybe because I already have 6000 other projects going on... I'm trying to be very picky about starting something new.  Plus, did I really need another decorative pillow??  Don't answer that.

I came across this lovely bee pillow at TJ Maxx, I happily swiped it up since I had a Mother's Day gift card burning a hole in my pocket.  Plus, it was super cheap!  I could buy more with my gift card!  Woot Woot!!

I love how it pulls the colors from my damask curtains and softens the look of our leather chair.

To make this pillow I found a similar stencil for sale online for $14.99, plus I would've had to buy fabric paint ($5), a stencil brush ($3) and a pillow ($10, if I was lucky to find the right color for that cheap).  It would've cost me approximately $35 to make (plus my precious time) and I bought it for less than $15 (with a gift card no less). 

So, this it the anti-diy project.  Why spend your time making it when you can pay half to buy it (and use a gift card!)!  Ha! :)

I realize you can't always find what you want for the right price and if that's the case, by all means, make it yourself.

I just happened to get lucky!  Hope you do too!! :)

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