Some of my friends were giving me grief about what's going on with my monochromatic bedroom makeover.  Read about the inspiration HERE.

I know, I know... it's been a ridiculously long time and I'm still not done. But I have a good excuse, sure it is.

So, let me give you a little background....

Our master bedroom has been bugging me ever since our mattress fiasco (read about that HERE) last year which ended up with us trading up for a king mattress. When we traded up we had to sell our queen sleigh bed which I really loved.

I decided to replace it with what I thought was a similar style at a reasonable price. I sold our old queen bed for asking price and just had to add a little moola to it to get my king. I bought it out of a catalog from a reputable store.

Bad idea.

A person that is as freakishly obsessed with decorating as I am should NOT buy a major piece of furniture that is impossible to return without seeing it in person.

Lesson learned, if I can't return it I don't buy it unless I can see it first.

The new king bed isn't that bad.... it's just not "sleigh-ish" looking at all. It is much more masculine and modern looking than it appeared in the catalog. It doesn't really flow with the rest of my bedroom furniture and decor that is more traditional. I know, I know, it's ok to mix furniture styles but this mixture wasn't doin' it for me.

I know, it looks fine but it was not the style I was hoping for.

I then started seeing all of the great DIY upholstered headboards all over blog land. I was kicking myself thinking why didn't I do that, it would go perfectly in our room, I love the look of it, and it would have been way cheaper. Total bummer dude-ettes.

via decor pad

diy upholstered headboards
via HGTV
  But lucky for me my new bed started breaking... Yippee!

At first I was really peaved that this expensive piece of furniture is starting to fall apart after less than a year... but then I found out I have a warranty- I can return it and get my money back!


So, where does this tie in with not having my room makeover finished yet? Well, they haven't come to pick up the old bed yet, I'm actually calling them about it today (that's progress, right?!). The bed has to be out of my way so I can stencil the wall behind it. It's not the kind of bed you can just scoot over and with Mr. Chic's broken foot, he ain't movin' it.

It needs to be gone so I can talk Mr. Chic into helping me make the new headboard.  He has lots of other yard projects that take priority (for him anyway) until he sees how bad it will look when we don't have a bed.
I'm also challenging myself to do it on a shoestring budget which slows down the process, finding stuff that I like that actually works for a cheap price can take time.

I'm reusing a lot of stuff I already have and spray painting some items too. I also want to paint my bedside tables but am having trouble figuring out the process and paint combination to get the color I want.

Most importantly, I'm enjoying the lazy days of summer spending lots of time lazing around with my boys before school creeps up us. They don't call it lazy for nothin', right??

See, these are all great excuses for my lack of progress. But at least now you know that I haven't given up, I'm just doing it summer style...


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