Who doesn't love Pinterest? 

If you are living under a rock and don't know about Pinterest send me an email and I'll invite you. (You have to be invited to join, they are fancy schmancy like that.)

I have to say it took me a little while to warm up to Pinterest, it wasn't that I didn't like it, I just kept forgetting about it.  But as I've learned how to navigate it better I have become kind of addicted.  It is a super awesome place for eye candy and inspiration.

You already know this. 

How do I know?  

Because you have also spent too much time pinning and re-pinning away an hour when you just meant to check your email for 5 minutes.

I know how it goes... it's a time sucking monster.

But being a time sucker is not my real problem with Pinterst.  My problem is all of the inspirational lovely-ness causes me to be indecisive. 

I've been dragging my feet working on this Master Bedroom makeover ever so slowly.  I think I have it all planned out and then I go on Pinterest and start second-guessing when I see things like:


*All pics found on Pinterest 
I find myself falling for the popular and trendy gray and yellow color scheme.

I start questioning my current monochromatic redecorating plan... am I doing it in neutrals because I won't have to paint a room with a vaulted ceiling?  Because I already had some neutral bedding and decor?  Because it's "safe"?

Pinterest is making me a bit indecisive and slowing me down. 

It's not Pinterest's fault, it's mine. 

It's not like this didn't happen before Pinterest, it did.... when I'd come across a great room on a blog or HGTV or BHG or even a great piece in TJ Maxx.  I'm just easily distracted by beautiful decor, I can't help but want to recreate it and put my own Chic on a Shoestring Decorating spin on it. 

Pinterest makes me want to decorate my butt off like crazy!

Am I going to give it up because of the Pinterest problem?

No. Stinking. Way.

How about you... do you play the second-guessing game when you're decorating?  Has Pinterest made it worse (or am I just a crazy person)?  Yes, I know I'm kind of a crazy person but that's why you read this, right?!

Happy Weekend!

PS:  Check out my other blog The Besties HERE, it has fabulous "best of's" from mostly newbies around blogland.


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