Howdy-ho faithful readers. 

When we moved in over 2 years ago we replaced all the builder grade light fixtures.  The chandelier over the kitchen table was one of the first to go. 

Mr. Chic hung our lovely kitchen chandelier the week we moved in.  He was rather busy that week with other home improvement projects so I considered myself lucky that he installled it when he did.  The only problem was that something went wrong with the chain.  He said he'd fix it later. 

Don't mind the crooked shades, this post is only about the messy chain and cord.
Well, it's 2 years later and the chain still looks like that.  It's been hanging over my head for 2 years!  Get it, hangin' over my head, ahahaha.  Kitchen chandelier chain fixing is some where very low on Mr. Chic's honey-do list.

And really, it's not a big deal.  I don't think people notice it (at least I hope they don't!)  Actually, they are probably leaving saying "What was up with that awful chanderlier chain... and she calls herself an interior decorator!?" 

Something had to be done.  I so was over that nasty mess of a chain. 

I found a chandelier chain cord cover for super cheap in the color of my chandelier shades at Tuesday Mornings.  I have never really been a fan of these things, they always seemed a bit 80's country-looking to me but I figured what the heck... it's better than that hot mess of a chandelier chain.  And it's not a concrete goose in a dress on my front porch.

This thing didn't come with any directions, how hard could it be?  I unzipped it and started at the top because I thought it would be easier to zip down the cord than up. 

I started zipping it up and scrunching it up.  It was strangely similar to putting on pantyhose. 

I HATE putting on pantyhose. 

Pinch, pinch, PULL.  Pinch, pinch, PULL.  Pinch, pinch, PULL.

It soon became evident that I'd bought an extra-small cover for a queen-sized chain. 

The extra-small cover also seemed to be extra-long.  After 10 minutes of pinching and pulling I realized I would not be able to get the entire cover on to the chain no matter how much I pinched and pulled.

After all of that pinching and pullling it doesn't even fit!!  Awwww mannn.... seriously??

I decided that I could make it work.  I got out my kitchen shears and cut that sucker, zipper and all.

Now it fits perfect! 

I folded the jagged kitchen shear cut ends under, I don't sew, that's just how I roll.

I think it looks SO much better and not 80's country-ish at all. 

I have to say, I'm a fan.  I prefer my chandelier chains naked, but when it's a hot-mess queen-sized chandelier chain, cover that baby up!

How do you like your chandelier chains, covered or in the buff??


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