They're coming to take my bed away today!  Woot! Woot!

Yes, you can read all about my broken bed and why I'm glad it broke HERE.

But now comes the pressure of making an upholstered headboard.  Yikes!

But really, there's no pressure.  I just don't want it to look like I made it myself.  This is where my old  frienemy perfectionism gets me (read about her HERE).  I don't want to start because I might screw it up and then what?!

Then I start over, then I buy a bed with the money from the old bed?  Who cares.  Ain't no thang! :) 

I'm not going to let my frienemy perfectionism slow me down, she can kiss it!

Once my broken bed is gone it's going to drive me completely nuts not to have a bed.  It's going to look very college apartment-ish, only a lot bigger of a room and a king size bed.  Ick.

So I am going to get started now!

I have read all the tutorials about DIY upholstered headboards, I've seen pictures of good ones and bad ones ones that look homemade.

I've got everything figured out (I think, but yeah right) except the shape.

Do I go for the easier to do and classic square shape with nail head trim?  Something like this (but no footboard initially)...
Or, do I go for an elegant slightly curved look similar to this...

I also really like this...

All that nailhead trim makes me kinda nervous though...

Or maybe an even curvier one like this...

 Ok, maybe not that one.  Too curvy makes me nervous too.

What about tufted?? 

Awesome, right?

But no way Jose.  The tufts give me a heart attack just thinking about trying to get them all straight, evenly spaced, looking right. 

Geesh!  That could go really bad really fast.

So, which one do you guys like the best??  Have you made an upholstered headboard?  Any secret tips for me?? 

PS:  Next Monday I'll be announcing a big and fun giveaway!! 

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