Flaunt it Friday 72! Flaunt it Friday 72!

Hello friends!  It's that time of the week again... come on out and show me what you got! <div align="center"><a href...

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9:32 PM

Budget Friendly Fall Mantel Budget Friendly Fall Mantel

Happy Fall y'all!!  (that's the one time a year that I say y'all) My favorite season is officially upon us and here in the Midwe...

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9:21 AM

Flaunt it Friday 71! Flaunt it Friday 71!

<div align="center"><a href="http://chiconashoestringdecorating.blogspot.com/" title="Chic on a Shoestring...

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7:24 PM

A Deelish Dessert!  (it's even Low-fat!) A Deelish Dessert! (it's even Low-fat!)

Hello fabulous friends!  It's about that time for a late night snack.  You know, something sweet.  The one you're not supposed to ha...

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8:54 PM

Kitchen Feature! Kitchen Feature!

Hello there!  I'm very excited that today my glazed and antiqued kitchen cabinets/kitchen makeover are being featured by the good people...

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3:48 PM

I Heart White Pumpkins I Heart White Pumpkins

Last fall, somewhere in blogland, someone posted a lovely little vignette of all white pumpkins.  I didn't give it much of a second thou...

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9:08 AM

Flaunt your Fall Link Party!! Flaunt your Fall Link Party!!

Who doesn't love fall?? Anyone?  Anyone??  Buehler... buehler. Who doesn't love a party??  Why not combine the two for tons of fun!!...

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8:27 PM

Flaunt it Friday 70 and UPrinting Giveaway! Flaunt it Friday 70 and UPrinting Giveaway!

Hi party animals!!  Please sign-up for my UPrinting giveaway that ends tonight! (Thurs 9/15 at 11:00pm cst)  50 FREE personalized brochures!...

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5:25 PM

Fall Centerpiece Fall Centerpiece

Hi fellow fall lovers!  I am busy spreading leaves and pumpkins around my house in preparation for my big Flaunt Your Fall   party this Satu...

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8:23 PM

Pumpkin Plastic Surgery Pumpkin Plastic Surgery

Last year I had fun doing pumpkin plastic surgery... taking apart some old junky fall decorations and giving them a new life ( check it out ...

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5:41 AM

10 Years 10 Years

10 years have passed but as I watch the footage of that fateful morning it feels like yesterday. We all know where we were, what we were doi...

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8:36 AM

UPrinting Giveaway! UPrinting Giveaway!

Hi everyone,   Happy weekend!  I have an exciting giveaway announcement to kick off the weekend.  UPrinting is sponsoring a generous giveawa...

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6:37 AM

Flaunt it Friday 70! Flaunt it Friday 70!

Hi party people!  TGIF! (almost)  I'm hoping that you got more creative things done this week than I did. :)  I can't wait to check ...

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6:23 PM

Murphy's Law Murphy's Law

Hello friends,  in a string of unfortunate events I have been unable to blog.  I guess I could blog but haven't accomplished much to blo...

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7:57 PM

Flaunt your Fall Party!  Saturday, Sept. 17th Flaunt your Fall Party! Saturday, Sept. 17th

Hello friends! Is everyone busting out their pumpkins yet??  Despite the unseasonably stifling 100 degree heat in the Midwest,  I am gladly ...

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6:36 PM

Flaunt it Friday #69! Flaunt it Friday #69!

Hello and Happy Flaunt it Friday!  Can you believe that it's September 1st?!?  No way, Jose!  It was 101 degrees here in the Midwest tod...

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7:28 PM