Hello friends,  in a string of unfortunate events I have been unable to blog.  I guess I could blog but haven't accomplished much to blog about.  Because I haven't been doing much I thought I'd share some pretty pictures with you from Pinterest and such but then I decided I should be real. 

Because I'm sure you've had a string of unfortunate events at one time or another too. 

Doesn't it make you feel better that you're not the only one??

Ok, in keeping it real, here it goes...

My unfortunate events consisted of Mr. Chic's car breaking down and needing an expensive $$ repair.

Our washing machine that is only 2 years old (2 YEARS OLD!) breaking down and leaking water all over the laundry room floor and surely needing some expensive $$ repair that hasn't been done yet.

Mr. Chic's glasses breaking randomly (more $$ to buy new ones)...

All the same week that our expensive $$$$ property taxes are due (along with our car insurance and license plate renewals which is good for several hundred more bucks, sigh)...

This has left me a bit frazzled with little spare time (and even less money!). 

Why do all these annoying things always happen at once?

These things are supposed to happen in 3's so the good news is I should be done.

Am I the only one living out Murphy's Law right now? 

I doubt it.

Has something like this ever happened to you? 


Everyone goes through times like these. 

Although these things are just darn annoying, they make me grateful that there is nothing really wrong in my life.  I have a healthy beautiful family who I love more than words, I feel blessed beyond belief. 

These annoyances are just bumps in the road.  Hopefully I'm heading for smooth pavement soon. :) 


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