Happy fall weekend, friends!  Halloween is fast approaching so it is high-time I shared some of my spooky ghost cloches with you.  This was another cheap and easy decoration if you have a cloche(s) already.

These were so super easy.  I already had the cloches and pedastels so it was really inexpensive too! 

I picked up some black cardstock paper at Wal-Mart for $3.47 but I would've used black construction paper if my kiddos would've had some in their art supplies.  I already had a bag of poly-fil pillow stuffing that can also be found for about $3 bucks at Wally-World. 

I used my fancy-schmancy and cheap cutting machine, scissors.   I cut out rather sloppy looking ovals because I couldn't find a good oval to trace.

I stuck the ovals to the cloches with sticky tack but you could easily use double-sided tape.  I used my creepy fabic "table runner" from the dollar store last year and picked up some spider webs for a buck.  I already had the pumpkins too. 

I also added a silvery-grey feather wreath from Joann's Fabric that I got for 70% off.  It is so fabulous I want to hang it up all year long... going to have to think about that one.

I want to thank The Diary of Dave's Wife for giving me the inspiration for this vignette.  Ingenious!!

My ghost cloche vignette:

I think they are a scream. ;)


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