Do you ever find yourself a little sad when one of your favorite decorative items gets worn out (or am I just really weird)? 

You are probably thinking, "How do you wear out a picture on the wall??  Duh, Kate."

But I'm talking about decorative things that we use... not something going out of style, just getting worn out. 

Maybe it's your favorite comfy chair and the leather starts cracking, or maybe your sofa starts to sag in the middle, or your kitchen chair seat covers have too many stains but you just love the discontinued fabric they are covered in.  Those types of things are what I'm talking about.

I recently decided that I had to replace my kitchen rugs in front of my sink and fridge.  I've been putting it off for a good six months because I really love my polka-dot rugs.  I love what they were, now they are just gross.  They are discontinued and I can't find any similar ones to replace them.  Boo.

(FYI, sorry for the crummy pictures, I ran out of day light.)
They don't look too bad from way back here but you can see how stringy the edges are.

They are way past their prime, stringy on the edges, matted and flat on top, and the off white polka dots have taken on a dirty shade of grey that won't scrub off.  They are really looking disgusting and I held on to them for too long because I loved them when they were new, and I kept telling myself that just maybe, somehow I could scrub them and fluff them enough that they would look like new again.  (I was in denial people)

This is embarassing!  At least this is the side that is up against the cabinets but the other side isn't much better.

I could scrub and fluff these rugs 'til the cows come home (does anyone say that anymore??), they will never be pretty again.
I picked up some replacements, they look ok but they aren't living up to my polka-dots in their prime. 

First is this black trimmed jute-looking-natural-fiber material that is SO scratchy.  Like it kind of hurts scratchy. 

Hides dirt, scratches feet. 

Good thing slipper season is coming right up.

My second option has a cute pattern but is a little smaller than I would like.  There is a gap between the dishwasher and sink so I will surely be dripping water on the floor as I load the dishwasher.  Thumbs down to that.

Don't mind the price tag in the corner

Which rug do you like best?  Scratchy or Too Small??  Aren't those great options?!?  HA! :)

So tell me, what are you holding on to that you should've trashed a long time ago?  Please tell me that I am not the only one who keeps old dingy rugs for a couple months too long...

Do any of you do this or do I have a strange attachment to these dingy polka-dot rugs?


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