Hello, friends! Happy weekend to you!

Have any of you used Olioboard or another website to make a "mood board"?  I don't know why they call them "mood boards", I mean, I do know why, I just think it's super cheesey, call them what they are, design boards. Thank you very much.

Anywho, I created one for a client that I thought I would share with you because I know you are all just dying to see a "mood board" today. ;) 

I am helping this client with her large foyer, it is 2 stories tall with an exposed staircase and paneling.  She asked for a modern style with silvers and greys.  I came up with this....

Designed by Chic on a Shoestring Decorating

 I found Olioboard easy enough to use with a big stock of items already in their library.  You can also upload your own which is very convenient.  The biggest perk is that it's free!  The only thing I didn't like was that you can not put any text on your board.  (or can you and I just couldn't figure it out??)

I wanted/needed to make some little notes on the board to my client as I was presenting it over email rather than in person. 

I wanted to say that the metal-squares-thingy in the right hand corner is art, a metal wall hanging (which she requested) that comes in a set of 2 but there wasn't enough room to squeeze the other one on the "mood board".  I also wanted to say that the stuff under the table are possible accessories and we would not hide them under the table in real life.  I also wanted to squeeze "designed by COASD" on there too.

Does anyone know if it's possible to add text to an Olioboard?  Does anyone know of a similar program that has that capability? 

Oh yeah, one more thing, what do you think of my "mood board"?  :)


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