Hello, friendly friends!  I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and black Friday if you attempted to venture out into the madness.

Every black Friday my mom and I avoid the crazyness and head to some local shops to check out their Christmas decor.  

This has become a fun tradition and it's much better than sleeping in a tent outside Best Buy!  If you're wondering what I'm talking about read this post here. :)

We visit a local garden shop that also carries a fabulous selection of home decor.  They decorate every square inch of the store, it is dripping in Christmas-ey bling! 

They have wonderful vignettes set up everywhere and I get the best ideas.  The prices are a little steep for my Chic on a Shoestring budget but the inspiration is free!

I took several pictures which really don't do this place justice. I had my little point and shoot camera and the flourescent lighting didn't help but hopefully you'll get the idea.

A beautiful and blingy upside down Christmas tree.

I wish I would've gotten a better picture of the above vignette.  There are beautiful icicle like ornaments hanging down over the mirror from a greenery swag.  And the mirror and console table are fabulous!  These were part of the upside down Christmas tree display, just beautiful! 

This was also part of the upside down Christmas tree display, very blingy and fabulous. :)

Would love to try and make this wreath!

Love that there are 2 trees in this pot!

So cute, I am loving reindeer this year!

I am a sucker for cloches!

Another lovely vignette.

This green and white theme is so pretty!

 The fantastic flocked tree, part of the green and white themed dislay.

I could've posted one hundred pictures of this shop and still not capture all the fantastic details.  We spent over an hour there and each time I walked through an area I would find something new (and it's not a very large store!)

I hope you enjoyed my blingy Christmas tour!

Where do you go for inspiration??  (besides Pinterest!) :)


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