Well hello there.  Can you believe it's over?? 

We had a wonderful Christmas.  My boys are at that fun age where everything about Christmas is magical and wonderful which makes it extra special for Mr. Chic and me.  I always get a little melancholy when it's over. 

Adding to the post Christmas blues is the fact that I will have to start taking down my pretty Christmas decorations.  Mr. Chic wanted to start yesterday... What?!  The day after Christmas?!? No way!  Christmas isn't really even over-over until New Years, right?!? 

With the bummer of the end of Christmas comes the hope of a new year... a new beginning.  (that just sounds so cheesey to me but it's true!)   This means a lot of different things to people.  It seems like the biggest resolution is getting back in shape and losing that extra holiday weight.  While I definitely could work on this, (I think I ate my weight in Christmas cookies over the past 2 weeks!!)  it's not my "resolution". 

This year I resolve to get more organized.  As my blog and interior decorating business continue to grow I need to take some steps to simplify running my household without taking away quality time from my kiddos. 

My regular approach to getting things done is "flying by the seat of my pants".  It seems I'm too busy for that now.  I won't lose the whole flying by the seat of my pants thing all together, that's how I'm wired.  But, I'm going to work on my organization and efficiancy.

Since I don't come by this naturally, I need your ideas.  Please link up your organizing posts below.  If I use your idea I will give you a shout out and link to your post in my blog post.

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