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Before I bust out my Christmas tree I have a controversial topic to discuss:

Leopard Print.

Folks either love it or they hate it.

It's really envogue right now but that doesn't mean that it's suddenly beautiful to everyone or right for your home.

Back in the day I was SO not a fan of leopard print, at all... in fact, I hated it. I thought it was gaudy and cheap looking. A pattern only used on very short skirts or the lining of a pimp's big hat. (did I just say pimp on my blog?!?!)

Since then, leopard print has come a long way.  Moving from the pimp hat (I said it again!) right into classy home decor catalogs like Ballards Design.

Along with the styles my tastes have also changed.  I no longer despise the leopard, I've actually grown to love it, albeit in small doses.

For example, I would never buy a leopard print couch but I would buy a leopard print accent pillow (I actually did!).   

My "fancy" tree (named by my oldest boy) is in bronze tones accented with gold and silver.  Guess what matches bronze, silver and gold... leopard print!!

Since I'm digging the leopard quite a bit right now and wanted to kick my tree up a notch I decided to get some leopard print ribbon for it at Hobby Lobby.  It was half off and I managed to stretch 2  rolls onto my big fat 9 foot tree.  A big change for under $10!  The best part is, when the fad passes and leopard print goes back to it's rightful owners (pimps) (AGAIN!)  I'll only be out 10 bucks.  Sweet.

So here's my tree in all its pimping leopard print glory....

 Christmas tree decor ideas

You know, it's really hard to get a good picture of a Christmas tree.  It's so pretty to photograph it at night but the ornaments don't really show up and if you take one with natural sunlight, it doesn't have that magical glow that makes it so pretty. 

I picked up just a few ornaments on clearance at the end of the season last year and only one new package of 3 this year.

I got a package of 3 of these for dirt cheap at TJ Maxx and absolutely love them!  I'm sure they could easily be reproduced but I couldn't make them for as cheap as I bought them!
Christmas tree decor
I'm a sucker for birds... love the real feathers tail on this one.

Gold Silver Christmas tree decor
A Hob Lob find after last Christmas.

Since it's such a big tree it needs a big topper.  One of my Christmas tree pet peeves is to see a huge tree with a tiny star or bow on top, or worst of all, nothing!!  There needs to be some "weight" at the top of the tree to balance out the wide "heavy" bottom. 

Last year I got some ribbon and watched youtube videos of how to make a large fancy bow, ummmm, yeah.  It's not rocket science but I just couldn't get it to look right, it was droopy and sloppy looking. Total fail.

I had this made at a local decor shop for less than $20 to give me a base.

I added a little bit of my own goodies and ended up with this...

Christmas tree topper
Front side
Back side

I absolutely love how it turned out and so glad I didn't settle for my crummy youtube bow.

To pull the leopard print into the room I added my pillow to the chair on top of nice and cozied up next to the tree. 

Leopard print Christmas decor

Hope you enjoyed my "Fancy" leopard print Christmas tree.  Stay tuned for more Christmas decor!

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