Hello there party animals.  Happy Friday!

It snowed today for the first time this winter.  Here in the Midwest it should've snowed a long time ago.  I'm not complaining though.  We've had a streak of warm weather (by warm I mean in the 50's) for about the past 2 weeks.  It felt like spring!  I was pretending it was March!  No, seriously, I was.  There was even a tulip bulb starting to sprout in my backyard!  Then a darned snow storm outta nowhere. 

Usually I enjoy the first snow of the year, this time... not so much.   For those of you living in the no-snow-zone there are 2 kinds of snow:  Good Snow (oxymoron?)  and Bad Snow.

There are certain criteria for Good Snow:

1.  "Good Snow" is snow at Christmastime, meaning anytime from Thanksgiving through December 26th.  Christmastime snow is a big magical don't ya think?  It's my favorite kind. 

2.  "Good Snow" good snow get you out of school.  Well, it used to get me out of school... now it gets my kiddos out of school which is just about as good as it was when I was a kiddo myself. 

3.  "Good Snow" should also be good packing snow for snowballs and snow forts, skiing, snowmobiling, good-time-having snow.  This snow does not include windy, blizzardy type snow.  It also must be clean and pretty.

"Bad Snow" is pretty much everything else.   Doesn't get you out of school, comes way after magical Christmastime snow.  Bad snow isn't enough to get you out of school but messes up the roads enough to slow you down.  It hangs around too long and gets dirty and gross and slushy which then makes your car and garage a yucky mess.  It's too cold to play in and it blows back over and drifts in your driveway 15 minutes after you shovel it.  It sticks in your hair frozen until you walk inside the store where it melts and makes your hair look awesomely bad.  I could go on and on. 

The snow is here, wish it would've come sooner.  Even though I don't consider it a "good snow", the look on my boy's faces this morning when they saw the snow covered ground was priceless.  If only it would've been a snow day...


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