Hey there and Happy Valentine's Day! 
I can't believe February is half over but that's a good thing because I am super ready for spring! 

We've had a mild winter but apparently it hasn't been cold enough to kill all of those nasty germs floating around out there.  My house has been infested with germs and sick bugs for weeks!  Sick kiddos (mostly), sick me, sick Mr. Chic... it's really cramping my style! 

I'm behind on everything and I am SO not down with that!

I'm hoping all of these annoying bugs will be coming to an end so we can get back to normal around here. 

Anywho... in honor of Valentine's Day I thought I should share my Valentine's Day decor.

I do just a little bit of decorating for Valentine's Day.   How many hearts can you really string around your house without it starting to look a little cheezy??  Not too many imho...  :)

I set up a little V-day vignette in my kitchen and decorated my fireplace mantel (barely)despite the cold medicine haze I was in at the time.

I totally could've made this no sew "love" banner but got it on Groopdealz instead.  If I can buy it cheaper than I can make it I'll buy it every time.  I had none of the supplies for this (besides some jute string maybe) so the cheap price I paid was worth it!

My friend Angela of La-Dee-Da Designs made the cute heart on my mirror.  (I didn't make it either, am I crafty or what?!)

I know you're wishing that I'm now going to do a tutorial on how to make this cute little "Amore" sign but.... ummm no, I'm not. :(  I picked it up this summer at Hob Lob for $2.50.  Yes, I could've made it myself but I couldn't have made it for that cheap!!

I bought this "Love" picture at TJ Maxx (where else) for super cheap on clearance a few years back thinking that I would take the heart picture out and re-use it for something else.  I then realized it was perfect for Valentine's Day.

Didn't make the banner either... cheaper to buy it!  Few years back at TJ's (when will they start paying me for all the free advertising!)

And, (not for Valentine's Day)I got these lamps with a Christmas gift certificate, they were on clearance for less than $20 for both the base and shade!  I heart them... :)  (I didn't make them or their cute script shades either!)

Here's the whole Valentine's vignette, made by me but nothing was made by me (insert cheezy grin here).   Sorry for the crummy picture, I was losing my natural light too quickly!!

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Wishing you and yours a fabulous Valentine's Day!


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