Hello, hello!  The unseasonably warm weather around here is making it feel more like summer instead of spring.  It's been in the 80's for the past week and the forecast  calls for continued warm weather.  We had to turn the air on, it's been crazy.  Normally this time of the year the average is in the mid fifties, heck, it snows sometimes in March.  I'm not complaining though.  I'd take lovely sunny spring days over cold snowy spring days anytime. The only trouble is that I'm spending time outside enjoying the weather with my family and not getting my work done.

Oh well, the work will always wait for me.I did manage to finish my Easter mantel recently which is no small feat.  I always struggle with my Easter mantel because of my black framed mirror over the fireplace.  The way it is attached to the wall makes it difficult impossible to move so it stays up there all year.  Easter is particularly difficult because black isn't exactly a color that screams "Happy Easter!" at ya.  I also wanted to put my mantel together using things I  already have.  I really don't need any more seasonal decorations.  Really, like, ever again. :)

Easter Spring Mantle Mantel

I've tried to do a mantel with lots of  white instead of pastels and it just looks washed out against my light beige wall color and next to the chunky black mirror.  After lots of tinkering, I think I finally have it.  I used black and green and yellow and think it's looks springy and Easter-ish enough.

First, I made some silhouettes of a bunny and chick on some cute scrapbook paper.  Since I don't have a fancy cutting machine like 99% of blogland I had to use archaic methods like a pencil and Xacto knife.  I actually cut these out last year and didn't use them.  (I don't know where I got the patterns, somewhere on line, just google "bunny silhouette and maybe you'll get lucky.)

To get the pattern on the scrapbook paper I held the paper up on my computer monitor and lightly traced with a pencil.  How lazy creative is that?!  I'm sure it is a big no-no for your computer monitor because I don't think you're supposed to touch them, ever.  But, as I've said before, I live on the edge, people.... I'm willing to take a risk like touching my computer monitor and tracing a rabbit on it if it means good, inexpensive decor.  Such a rebel!

Anywho, I used very little pressure while tracing, it worked perfectly because the light from the computer screen lit through the paper making for easy tracing.  My computer monitor lived to tell about it with no damage whatsoever.

Here's my Easter bunny...

Here's the chicky baby.

I already had these frames and I lucked out because the back inside of them looks a bit like burlap.  I just taped the scrapbook cut outs right on the back of the frame.  I know, I'm so fancy with my computer screen tracing, Xacto knife, scotch tape and naked frame backs.  This ain't called Chic on a Shoestring for nothin', huh?!

Moving on to my wreath(s).  I had the green leafy one on the mirror already but thought it needed a little somethin'.  I decided to take my scraggly looking forsythia wreath and put it behind the green leafy one to double them up.  It turned out surprisingly well, they fit together perfectly and I actually love how it looks!  Don't you love it when something so easy actually works?!

spring wreath

I added a little apothecary of bird eggs...

I also added some green candles and a little bird's nest...

The finished product...

spring mantle

Well, what do you think?  Does it look spring/easter-ish despite all the black?  It better because that mirror is not coming down. ;)

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