Hi All! Janel here from Hating Martha.     And I am St-ok-ed! to be hanging here! This is one of my favorite lounge in pj's with a coffee and browse blogs. You? Anyways, I don't hate Martha. Go read about that here. It will explain everything. But, I do love pretty things. I love pretty things...cheap! So, I do alot of my own diy and crafts which I show off on my blog. Recently, I bought me a chair. It was ugly...
But that voice inside my head said that it could be be-you-ti-ful! I sanded it. I sprayed 2 coats of spray paint on her pretty parts. I rubbed on some red paint I had laying around. And then finished her with 2 coats of polyurethane. I made an alfalfa sack into a quick seat cover... And she is oh-so be-you-ti-ful!
I realize I made that sound easy. I showed you the before... and then magic! the after! There were steps involved...did you catch those? But, I didn't think I needed to run through them all with you step by step, picture by picture. Because, although it is time consuming waiting for the coats to dry...it is easy. Really. Try it on a piece of furniture you don't care about. Just grab a simple color of spray paint (don't go for too funky on your first go-round). Sand first. Spray. (outside preferably. unless your H is more understanding then mine) Step back and look at the improvement. If it is a high-use piece you should probably add an overcoat of clear polyurethane so you don't have to repaint constantly. And if you want to do fancy pieces, expensive pieces, or specialty stuff...learn your stuff! Really, some of those furniture makeovers are art forms...they are crazy good! Okay...go forth and make your homes happy places! Maybe with a little turquoise paint? Til Next time!


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