My name is Rosie and I blog at Craftbotic about my adventures in craft, travel, literature and, well, anything that takes my fancy!  I am really pleased to be here at Chic on a Shoestring Decorating, helping Kate out while she takes a well earned break.

I decided to make a Spring wreath after a different craft fail. I was left with strips of paper that, due to their Spring colours, needed to be used.  I also wanted something to compliment my butterfly message board . 

You need: a small polystyrene wreath, strips of paper, butterfly stickers/cut out shapes, ribbon and tacky glue.

Glue the strips around the wreath.

Position your ribbon where you want the wreath to hang.  Using glue and taps of paper, attach the ribbon to the back.

Add your butterflies.  I found some 3D stickers which made this really easy (Available from Hobbycraft in the UK).  You could create the shapes using a Silhouette or by cutting them out by hand.  To make them 3D, only glue down the centre and then fold back the edges.

Easy, small, light and Spring in a ring!  You can see more Spring projects on my blog.  I would love to see you there! 

 Thank you for having me, Kate.

Rosie  xxx


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